GENERAL Code of Conduct POLICY

Please take a moment to review our  Code of Conduct Policy

Cart Rules

  1. Please obey the Cart Rules posted for the day
  2. Please observe and follow all signs posted on the golf course
  3. Please, Do Not drive on the mounds or through the fescue
  4. Please follow the exit signs when approaching the collar of the green
  5. Please stay on the path around tees & greens.

Pace of Play

  1. Play ready golf at all times (be ready when it is your turn)
  2. Please stay in pace with the group in front of you (allow faster players to play through)
  3. Please allow only a few minutes to search for lost balls. If a group is waiting, please allow them to play through.
  4. Please follow the exit signs when approaching the collar of the green
  5. Please use only one ball per player (no practicing).

In order to ensure a pleasant golf experience and maintain your pace of play, please follow these helpful hints!

  1. Be early for your tee time.
  2. “Tee It Forward” unless you are consistently able to reach greens in regulation from the back tees.
  3. Be helpful to others in your group.
  4. Plan your shot while walking to your ball.
  5. Line up your putt when others are putting.
  6. Play ready golf.
  7. Walk directly to your golf ball.
  8. When two players are riding in a cart, drive the cart to the first ball and drop off the first player.
  9. Don’t step off or measure yardage for every single golf shot.
  10. Be efficient with your pre-shot routine.
  11. Play a provisional ball if you think the original might be lost.
  12. When hitting a shot from the bunker, make sure you put the rake next to you.
  13. Park the cart at greenside as near as possible to where you expect to exit.
  14. Exit putting green promptly after holing out.
  15. Don’t ask your playing partners to help you search for a lost ball.
  16. Let faster groups behind you play through.

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